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Integrity is cornerstone to the ASC’s Vision and Mission and the ASC is proud of the progressive strides Asian Subbuteo continues to make in recent years. Having recognised the enormous threat of match-fixing to Asian Subbuteo, the ASC has implemented integrity measures with the aim to prevent, detect and respond to match-fixing in the continent.

The ASC’s three-pronged approach to integrity is a significant step forward and while match manipulation is high on the agenda, the creation of – and amendment to – multiple regulations such as the Development Regulations, ASAP Regulations and crucial Anti-Doping Regulations highlights the breadth of work carried out.

Similarly, the Entry Control Body was formed to rule on the eligibility of clubs entering the ASC competitions. Any club deemed to have direct and/or indirect involvement in any activity aimed at arranging or influencing the outcome of a match at the national or international level will be ineligible to participate in ASC Competitions for one (1) Subbuteo season.

In December 2017, the ASC Executive Committee (ExCo) approved a new “Do the Right Thing” policy (i.e. a Whistleblower Policy), which aims to improve governance in Asian Subbuteo at its meeting in Abu Dhabi.

This policy forms part of the ASC’s reformed and modernised governance structures, and is a concrete example of the top-level commitment that the ASC is showing towards governance reform in Asian Subbuteo.

The policy came into force on June 1, 2018, and has been disseminated to all ASC Member Associations to take note of its contents and for them to communicate to all relevant stakeholders within each national Subbuteo association and community.

The aim of this Policy is to provide easily accessible and secure channels for anybody who has experienced or suspect wrongdoing or unethical behaviour in the ASC competitions or activities, to report such activities to someone they can trust.

Independent head of integrity

One key element of the “Do the Right Thing” policy is the selection of a genuinely lndependent Head of lntegrity. At the 1st ASC Congress 2017 in Manama, Bahrain, the ASC Member Associations elected xxxxname from the United Arab Emirates as the new ASC Independent Head of Integrity for the term 2017-2024.

The contact details of xxxxname are as follows:


Tel: xxxxxtelnumber

Fax: xxxxfaxnumber

Mailing Address: P.O. Box xxxxnumber Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alternatively, you may also contact the ASC Integrity Unit directly by clicking

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